Event Results


Congratulations again to Robert Parent

He just won the Saskatchewan Outdoor 3D Championships and set a new Outdoor Provincial Record over the July 8th 2017 weekend!

Congratulations to Robert Parent on his 2nd place win at the 2017 Canadian Indoor Championships over Easter with his WFX25!

Alan Eagleton wins IFAA World Gold in Australia 2016 with his WFX25! Congratulations Alan!!

Congratulations to Timo who won gold with his WFX25 in Finland 2016!


Next Event: IBO Worlds August 11-13, 2017! Look for CD risers on podiums everywhere!

BIG Congratulations to all our CD Archery Shooters for their wins at the ASA Pro/AM in London KY June 2-4, 2017! We had 9 risers in the top 10 and several more right down the list in the Mens Trad and 2 of the top 3 in the Womens Trad! What a great weekend for CD Archery! Check out the scores and winners under the "People" tab to the right!

IBO 1st LEG RESULTS    May 20, 2017 at Pipestem WV.  Congratulations to all our CD Archery Shooters!  Bobby Worthington 1st RU 399, and Lem Gilland 3rd 352.  Bert Sullivan 1st Recurve 343 and Bill Chouinard 3rd in Trad.  Also Mike Wilson 1st Senior Trad.  Kim Timberlake 1st 313 FTRAD and Lisa Gilland 2nd 297.  Great shooting for our great team of IBO shooters!

Congratulations to all our shooters at the ASA Pro/Am May 12-14, 2017 in Appling GA.  CD took 7 places in the top 12 in the Mens Trad! And also the top two in Women's Trad!  Results: Bobby Worthington 1st 406, Dewayne Martin 2nd 396, Bert Sullivan 3rd 389, Freeman Shepard 4th 384 and Calvin Smock 5th 380.  Women Trad: Kim Timberlake 1st 336 and Lisa Gilland 2nd 320.  Congratulations to all!!

Congratulations to all our shooters at ASA Pro/Am March 9-12, 2017! We had 8 out of the top 10 using WF risers and 2 of the 3 women shooters! Results Mens Trad are 1st Dewayne Martin, 2nd Bobby Worthington, 3rd Lem Gilland and 4th Calvin Smock.  Women Trad 1st Kim Timberlake, 2nd Lisa Gilland, and 3rd Debra Lowe.

ASA Foley Alabama Pro/Am Tour

Congratulations to CD Archery Winners! Bert Sullivan took 1st and Calvin Smock 2nd in Mens Trad.  Also Kim Timberlake taking 1st and Lisa Gilland taking 2nd in Womens Trad! What a great weekend!

2017 Lancaster Classic winners!


1ST Place - John Demmer

2ND Place - Bobby Worthington

3RD Place - Scott Bills

Also 4th Place- Dewayne Martin


IBO Worlds are on the books!  Congratulations to all our CD Archery Shooters who made it thru strenuous shooting!  Congratulations to our two Mens' Shooter of the Years! Bill Whitman in Men's Trad and Bobby Worthington in Men's RU! Also congratulations to Bill Chouinard on his Third Place in Men's Trad for the IBO finish and also to Matt Zirnzak on his 4th place finish in RU!  That means a lot to those guys and watch for them to continue great shooting!  Also our women came thru!  Congratulations to Kim Timberlake on her strong finish!  It was a year of hard work, but Kim and all our girls finished strong.  The event results were Kim Timberlake First, Joella Bates Second, Nicole Clouser Third and Lisa Gilland Fifth.  Also finishing First in Youth Trad was Sydney Phipps!  Better watch her - she's only 14!!  What a great year for all those choosing to use their CD risers in these big Archery Competitions! What a year for CD Archery!  We would also like to acknowledge Mike Wilson leading in the Sr Trad Division but being unable to compete on Sunday due to a broken finger Saturday Night! I'm sure someone told him not to do that!

ASA Classic is on the books!

Big finishes for our CD Archery shooters!  Congratulations to Dewayne Martin for shooting the highest ASA Trad score - a BIG 416! Results for The Classic Men's Trad were Dewayne Martin 1st, Calvin Smock 3rd, Bert Sullivan 4th, Chris Spikes 5th and Mark Abt 6th.  Women's Trad results were Lisa Gilland 1st, Kim Timberlake 2nd, and Joella Bates 3rd.  Men's Trad SHOOTER OF THE YEAR results were: Dewayne Martin 1st , Calvin Smock 2nd and Bert Sullivan 3rd.  Women's Trad SHOOTER OF THE YEAR results were:  Kim Timberlake 1st and Lisa Gilland 2nd. What an outstanding year for CD Archery and ASA!

Kyle Olson does it again! Kyle just won the NFAA Midwest Sectionals and will be shooting Yankton both Field and Outdoor!  If you're going, look him up! Congratulations Kyle!

Congratulations to our CD Archery Shooters at the ASA Pro/Am June 23-25, 2017! What a great shoot! After the steady downpour on Friday they had a great dry but extremely muddy day on Saturday! Many vehicles had to be pulled out of the mud! Scores are attached with Fawn Girard filling in for the missing Bobby Worthington! She shined all on her own in the Women's Trad.  We'll have to get a WF in her hands somehow!  CD risers took 8 of the top 10 in Mens Trad and 2 of the 3 in Women's Trad.  Congratulations to all shooters!

Congratulations to our CD Archery Shooters at 2nd Leg of the IBO at Bloomington Indiana June 17-18. 2017.  Bobby Worthington again a 1st place in RU and Lem Gilland 2nd.  Also congratulations to Bill Whitmans 2nd place and Bert Sullivan 3rd in TRAD.  Also big congratulations to Lisa Gilliand for 1st place and Kim Timberland 2nd place in FTRAD.  Also congratulations to Mike Wilsons 2nd place in STRAD.  What a great showing for our CD Archery IBO shooters!!

Great weekend at the ASA Pro/Am London KY!  Big winners in Men's Trad are Dewayne Martin 1st, Calvin Smock 2nd and Chris Spikes 3rd.  Also winners in Womens Trad were Lisa Gilland 1st and Kim Timberlake, 2nd.  Also got to shoot with Nathan Ryman and even got himself a new toy! Be sure to watch for him!

Congratulations to Barbara McKee for her 1st place winning at the Bay Area Senior Games last Sunday, May 14th in the double 300 round SS F Recurve division.  Great shooting Barbara!!

Pictures from ASA Pro/Am May 12-14 2017 in Appling GA

Kyle Olson does it again! Just won his 3rd straight MN State FITA Recurve title with his trusty original WF25! Way to go Kyle!!

Congratulations to Bill Whitman for taking both Traditional Recurve & Longbow Classes at PA State Shoot 4/1/17 with his WF25! Way to go Bill! Our original 25's are still hot!


to Kyle Olson for taking 1st place at the 2017 MN Barebow Indoor shoot this weekend 4/1/17 with his WF25!

Congratulations to Jessie Chronister for taking 1st in both BareBow and Recurve in Arkansas with his new WFX25!

Pictures from ASA       Pro/Am Fort Benning March 9-12, 2017

Mens Trad: 1st Dewayne Martin (missing from photo) 2nd Bobby Worthington, 3rd Lem Gilland and Womens Trad: 1st Kim Timberlake and 2nd Lisa Gilland

Ohio Archers State Shoot

Congratulations to Nicole Clouser on her First Place Win at OAA State Tournament March 4, 2017! Another CD Archery Girls Win!

IFAA Indiana Indoor State Shoot

Congratulations to Jessie Dietz for placing 1st at Indiana IFAA Indoor State shoot this weekend, March 4-5 2017 and Congratulations to Dan Haire & Larry Morgan for placing Second and Third in their divisions.  Great shooting CD Archery Shooters!!

Photos from ASA in Foley Alabama February 17-18, 2017

2017 Vegas Shoot Gallery! More fun then we're allowed to have!

2017 Vegas Photos

If all the fun with LuLaRoe wasn't enough, we also went to Death Valley and Bill & Calvin tried to build a 'wall' and make sure the salt really tasted like salt! Then before we left Sin City, we had to get some bling from Trump International Hotel! That was for ME!  Janet

Pictures from 2017 Lancaster Classic