Event Results


Congratulations to all the USA Team members attending the 2022 PanAmericano & Para PanAmericano shoot in Santiago, Chile!  Go to the USA Archery page for all the exciting finishes for the total USA Team that includes lots of GOLD finishes!  Here are some pictures taken from various places including USA Archery and personal posts.  The Men's BB Team consisting of Rick Stonebraker, Marcus Cooley, both shooting their CD WFX risers, and Matt Yacca finishes with a Gold First Place beating out Argentina!  Also on the Argentina Team is German Cane shooting his CD WFX27.  You never know where you're going to see one of our risers!!  Then on the individual Men's BB, look at that line up!  USA Men placed 4 places in the top 5 positions! Congratulations especially to Marcus Cooley getting Silver in that Competition!  Well deserved Marcus!  We hear they all had a great time there!  Be sure to ask those you know about their time there.  You'll get some very exciting stories!

Did you see the Australian National Target Championship in Queensland last weekend?  Mark Bartlett not only got a silver medal WA 60/900, gold medal WA 70/1440 and gold medal Male BB Teams Matchplay and bronze Male Individual Matchplay, he also received the Archery Australian Best All-Around Archer award for Male BB!  He also received he first Australian televised Barebow yellow card during a competition!! What?? Also Congratulations to Cirilo Almario competing at the same event for his bronze medal for the WA 60/700 ranking 3rd on the qualifying for the Australian Open 2022 Matchplay with just 5 points behind 1st!  Cirilo also got gold in the Men's BB Team Shoot right there with Mark! What a team!  Both shooting their WF29XO beauties!  Ci also got a silver in the mixed BB Team event!  What a great weekend for a couple of great shooters!!


Congratulations once again to all the USA shooters participating in the 2022 3DArchery World Championship in Terni, Italy!  After the first day of qualifications, of 24 US shooters, 16 moved forward into the elimination rounds.  On to the finals, we still had 4 moving to the Bronze medal matches.  Congratulations to Shiloh Butts for his Bronze Medal 3rd Place finish in the Men's Longbow class.  He was shooting and winning some amazing matches!  Of our own CDWX shooters, Congratulations to Daniel Colloms who finished 4th in the Men's BB class and also to Dewayne Martin finishing 7th in that class.  Also Congratulations to Laura Hughes who finished 5th in the Women's BB Class and Sydney Phipps who finished 15th in that class.  This was a very tough challenging course, and if you were there, you know what I mean.  There was scorching sun, torrential down pours with water everywhere, obstacles on the ground, and hills and holes everywhere!  There was even a few local free range obstacles roaming about! Was also great to see and meet others from outside the US!  Hello to Billy Sanderson of Canada, Mikel Bo Hansen from Denmark and Roberto Escamilla from Mexico.  Let us know if we missed anyone as it's hard to catch them all!  If you want to watch the finals, go to the Youtube video at https://youtube.com/watch?v=1RWLL0h0Bz4  I do hope that works for you, you may have to cut and paste.  Thanks to World Archery and others for some of the pictures used here.

Congratulations to our shooter, Watcharapong Noimunwai, from Thailand on his exciting win in the 2022 Thailand Championships with his WF25X!  If you see him out there be sure to congratulate him! We love his joy you can see in his pictures! Archery does that! It's a huge circle of friends in archery. Be a part of it!

The 2022 Swedish 3D-SM Championship results are in!  Some outstanding shooting by some well known Swedish shooters never disappoints! Congratulations to the top 3 in some back and forth positions over the two day shoot puts Fredrik Lundmark in 1st, Leo Pettersson in 2nd, and Mats Axeflod in 3rd with his WFX CD riser!  Who wouldn't love to be shooting a 3D course with these guys??

Congratulations to Christoph Wenk who finished 3rd in the German 3D Championships on August 20, 2022, after winning their State Championship last month. And with his WF21 too! Don't let anyone tell you the WF21 is only for huntig! Great shooting Christoph!

Congratulations to a brand new WF shooter already on the podium! Tomáš Veverka was shooting his new WF27X on the winning team Champions of the Czech Republic last weekend, June 27, 2021. Congratulations Tomáš ! Outstanding shooting!

Congratulation to our shooter Manual Szakacs from Austria, on his outstanding Second Place finish in Jenesien, Italy, last weekend, June 12, 2021 shooting his WF25X!  He  was right behind the reigning European champion, Eric Esposito!  We love to see how many places our risers go and hear the shooters success stories! Great shooting Manuel!

An officially broken Canadian National Archery Record!!! Billy Sanderson has been training and working hard to chase down a 15 year old record for the Canadian Senior Men's Barebow 900 round 35m record!  The old record stood at 275 and he shot a 277!!!  Also coming within 6 points of the overall record as well!  If you missed it, he just did this on June 12, 2021 with his new WF29X!   We are so very happy for Billy and his 2021 great shooting!!

Meet two shooters from Malaysia! Sam Cheong (right) is with a new CD Shooter, En Yazid who finished 7th at an 18 meter indoor meet featuring a Vegas 3-spot and finished 7th with his brand new WF25X! Better watch out for these two!

Congratulations to Claus Vigen Larson Pindbo for his win at the 2019 Denmark National Championship in the Hunting rounds with his WF19! Not only does the WF19 come through for you on your hunts, it also does not fail for competitions!  It proves to be reliable for any of your needs! Congratulations Claus!

Congratulations to Sam Cheong for the Team Gold at the 2019 Singapore National Games August 3rd weekend!  What an exciting journey for him & his teammates! Singapore really does it well!  We're so glad Sam is shooting a CD riser so we can follow his journey! Congratulations Sam!

Canadian National 3D Archery results are in!  Congratulations to Alex Melnik for his GOLD medal place and Tyler Moore shooting for Bronze last weekend, August 3, 2019! Great shooting for our CD Archery shooters!

Another Indoor Season is in the books for Claus Vigen Larson Pindbo with another National Championship Gold for the CD WF27XO Orange Monster!  We are so happy Claus is shooting our product in Denmark! 

Say Hello to Gustavo Montangie from Argentina! He only had his new WFX25 in his hands a week with amazing results!  He shot a personal best and landed right on the podium in field! This is a very happy CD Archery shooter!

Congratulations to Claus Vigen Pindbo on taking GOLD with his "Orange Hammer"in Denmark last weekend to end his year with a Gold!  We are so pleased with his shooting this year and hope to continue posting podium finishes going forward! Love to see what the WF27XO is still doing in the hands of outstanding shooters all over the Archery World!

Congratulations to Tyler Moore of Canada for a great year with his new WF25X in the 2018 Canadian 3D Archery National Championships. His hard work paid off with a First Place win in the Barebow Division. We are so pleased with what a good shooter can do with these risers!






Did you see the 2022 Lancaster Youtube?? I was able to attach it here so be sure you don't miss it.  Were you there to witness this?  Congratulations to John Demmer with the win for the top of the podium once again!  And also to our own Dewayne Martin with his beautiful WF29X for taking Second.  Outstanding shooting to two awesome shooters!  And did you see what our own Lee Wilkins did? Shooting his WF27XO he came in at 8th position and worked his way to 3rd with Dewayne giving him the much needed rest 60 arrows later!  Lee got by our own Jerid Mullis with his WF29XO, then went past Paul Donahoo who is recorded as the oldest competitor on the podium at 79, then went past Leo Pettersson from Sweden, then by Ryan Davis, then past Ed Krystofosky to come up to Dewayne Martin who finally gave Lee a much deserved break!  What an amazing display of shooting ability and endurance also shooting some amazing high scores!  If you shoot, you must attend this one as it gets better every year!  And compliments to Marcel Laurens for the amazing pictures as he captures the soul of the shooters.  Look him up and all the amazing pictures he shares.  You might even find yourself in there somewhere!  Thanks to Lancaster Archery for providing this event and all those who work for so long to make it a success every year.

Congratulations to all the shooters at the 2021 IBO Trad Worlds held in July.  Special Congratulations to our shooters in the Men's BB, Daniel Collums for First, Jeremy Stout for Second and Jerid Mullis for Third.  In the Women's Modern Recurve Class Special Congratulations to Kim Timberlake for taking First! Also in Mens ST are Bobby Worthington for First, and Mike Persinger for Second. Also Congratulations to our friend, Bill Whitman for taking Third in Modern Longbow. Not bad for being out of the loop for 4-5 years, sir!  In Female BB, Congratulations to Cindy Pires for taking Second. Then the 3 Rivers Shootout, Dewayne Martin took First and Aaron Shelnutt taking Second.  And then there was the Last Man Standing!  The excited Last Man taking the win was our own Jeremy Stout!  Great shooting for a great event!

NFAA Outdoor Nationals are finally complete as of Sept 2020! Congratulations to all the shooters and especially our CD Archery family! Here are some of the results: Thanks to Bow Junky Media for most of the pictures. Field: 1st AMTRAD Tom Johnson. 1st SMTRAD Chad Coody. 1st SSTRAD Ren Sarns. 1st SMBBR Rick Stonebraker. Target: 1st SSMTRAD Tom Johnson. 2nd SSMTAD Ren Sarns. 1st SMBBR Rick Stonebraker. 1t SMTRAD Tom Ramsbacher. 2nd AFBBR Amy Rayner-Cooley. First Dakota Barebow Recurve Flight: 3rd Marcus Cooley.

2020 USA Archery Indoor Nat'l in Yankton SD were held in Sept. after a very trying year! Here are some results for our CD WF shooters!  2019 Indoor Finals Silver Medalist, Glen Thomas pulled off the Recurve Men's Bronze in a tight 6-4 match with his WF27XO! Congratulations to Glen!  If you get a chance, check out the USA  live Finals to see the exciting match between John Winker and Jarrett Kellan with John taking the Gold with his WF29XO! Also Congratulations to Rick Stonebraker for the 4th place position shooting his WF29XO also! CD risers were everywhere! Just goes to prove that a good riser in the hands of a good shooter is a winning combination!

Congratulations to our own Dewayne Martin for his 1st Place Win at the IBO 1st Leg of the Triple Crown on June 13, 2021 at Pipestem WV! Great shooting Dewayne with a huge big score of 384! He loves his WF29XO!

The Vegas Shoot took place Feb 7-9, 2020 and it exceeded all past numbers!  We can tell you that CD Archery risers were everywhere you looked! And our shooters did exceptionally well!  Congratulations to John Winker for his Second Place finish in the Barebow Flights taking home a check from NFAA and also a check from CD Archery!  Also shooting outstanding was Spanky Brooks placing 5th and Kyle Olson placing 12th.  After that, you will find among others, Calvin Smock, Bill Hunter and Lee Collins.  Alas we didn't get a complete list.  Check out their website for official pictures and stats and results.  Here are some pictures from The 2020 Vegas Shoot.

Congratulations to the Men's Barebow winners at the 2020 Lancaster Classic!  Be sure to check out the Youtube video to watch the exciting finals!  You will get to see John Dillinger get the win over Michael Fisher from Australia but you will also get to see our own Joakim Hassila from Sweden take the Third Place title on the most watch Lancaster Archery video's each year! If your thinking the payouts this year were good, Rob promises an even better payout for 2021! Don't miss this shoot!  https://youtu.be/UTN2DOOLCBc   

After a great TAS shoot last weekend, June 1, 2019, We have winners of CD Archery Cash! Congratulations to Sam Taylor for 1st Mens for $100, and Tony Allen for 2nd for $50, and Santo Armano for 3rd for $25 cash! Congratulations for the Women to Kim Timberlake for 1st for $100, Fawn Girard for 2nd and $50 and Nancy Norris for 3rd for $25 Cash! Great weekend with cash awards!

Indoor is coming to an end at the Cincinnati NFAA USA Indoor Nationals for 2019! See you there!

The Vegas Shoot coming next! Are you going? 3,600 shooters are from 54 countries! Make this your shooting vacation and be there Feb 7-10, 2019! We are!

Congratulations to the TOP 4 at the 2019 Lancaster Classic held January 2019! What a nail biter it was!  Congratulations to our new friend Michael Fisher for taking First Place and our old friend Grayson Partlowe for Second.  Shooting their WF27XO's were Spanky Brooks for Third and Ben Rogers for Fourth.  If you haven't watched the Lancaster YouTube for this event you need to! I'll try to attach a link:

https://www.facebook.com/247381324253/posts/10156950626144254/  It continues to be the most watched YouTube from the Lancaster Classic events every year. If you shoot Barebow, you need to put this event on your calendar and make a week of touring around what the surroundings of this area have to offer. So on top of the greatest shooting event you can find anywhere, you have an area of history along with the opportunity to meet all your FB friends from all over the world.  Want to meet that guy you watch from Italy? Or that lady from Sweden? Come here and you can do that too! 2019 had over 200 registered Barebow shooters. he world.  Next year there will be a Ladies Barebow class! Plan this one!!

2019 Lancaster Classic coming up next! Watch for exciting results! 205 Barebow shooters and lots with CD Archery risers! Cash to be had in prizes at this growing event!

Congratulations to the top men in the Barebow Masters! In order: Richard Barker, Richard Stonebraker, and our own Calvin Smock with his WF27XO, then Steve Caufman.  This is something new for us to attend to see just what our new WF27XO can do! Look for more of them at National and USA events!

Congratulations to all our winners at the 2018 IBO Worlds in Snowshoe WV!  Congratulations to Dewayne Martin for his Second Place position in Men's RU and the Women, Kim Timberlake for her First Place win and Joella Bates for her Third place showing in FTRAD and also Sydney Phipps for her Win in the Youth Class! Time for her to graduate and play with the big girls!

Congratulations once again to Glen Thomas for ANOTHER win with his WF27XO at the PA State Tournament!                               He is HOT!


Congratulations to Glen Thomas for finishing FIRST in Olympic Recurve Flight at the 2018 Las Vegas Shoot with our brand new WF27XO! What a great start for our newest riser! It's in good hands! Look for Glen Thomas in 2018!

2018 Lancaster Classic is complete!  Congratulations once again to Dewayne Martin and Bobby Worthington for representing CD Archery in the top 4 shooters!  Once again an exciting thing to watch!  Winners placements were Bobby Worthington 4th, Dewayne Martin 3rd, John Demmer III 2nd, and Richard Barker 1st.

2017 Lancaster Classic winners!


1ST Place - John Demmer

2ND Place - Bobby Worthington

3RD Place - Scott Bills

Also 4th Place- Dewayne Martin


2022 ASA Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am in Foley AL is complete! Congratulations to all the shooters and especially to our own CD Archery shooters who dominated some podiums!  There were 5 WF shooters in the top 7 in the Men's Barebow Recurve with Daniel Colloms once again taking the top spot with First, Mike Ellis in Second, and Michael Davenport in Third all with CD WF bows!  And watch out for the Youth as Elijah Hillensbeck takes First and only having his WF25X a few days! Then there is Rubie Chambers on the podium again taking Third!  Thanks to ASA for an outstanding shoot and all the shooters for putting in the time to attend and see what they can do under heavy competition!

Presented these guys with a poster each, thanks to Marcel Lauren's photography, from the 2021 U.S. Open Target Nationals in Richmond, VA.  Missing from this picture is team member, Tom Johnson.  When CD WF shooters get together wonderful things happen!  Congratulations again to Rick, Spanky, and Tom and thanks for representing CD Archery with class, skill, and tons of character!  Love our CD Shooters!

2021 ASA Delta McKenzie Classic is on the books!  Congratulations First to the Shooters of the Year! In Men's Barebow, Congratualtions to Daniel Colloms for an awesome ASA Year!  And taking First Place also in Men's Trad Shooter of the year to Michael Davenport for his First Place finish, Justin Isbell for Second, and Jay Cottrill in Third!  the results for the Classic are, in Men's Barebow, Daniel Colloms takes First once again!  great shooting Daniel!  And once again CD WF shooters take the podium in the Men's Trad class with Michael Davenport in First, Bobby Worthington taking Second, and Justin Isbell taking Third with Jay Cottrill in Fourth! What a great weekend of archery competition as we wind down and get ready for the hunting season to start.  Good shooting everyone!

Congratulations to all the winners at the ASA Classic this weekend, July 29, 2021!  Here's some pictures we managed to snag, but we apologize for not finding more. Congratulations to Daniel Colloms for taking Second and Spanky Brooks for taking Third in the Men's Barebow Class. Look at those close scores! Also to Justin Isbell for taking First and Mike Davenport with second in the Men's Trad. Our risers are everywhere. You should have one too!

Here are 3 amazing  young women who have been working very hard to get thru another season of classes and archery!  Taking the number 1 spot at the TNS3DA State Championship this weekend, June 12, 2021, is Hailey Smith with her WF25 Lite. Her goal for the 3d season in her class was to go out and win the state title and shooter of the year in the 3d Season.  She did just that!  Also shown is Morgan Hickerson taking the 3rd place spot with her WF19!  These girls along with Delaney Pennington who took the second place spot are all you could ask for in any position they choose as a goal going forward in their lives.  They are a pleasure to see and watch what great examples they are for the next ones along the way.  Great shooting girls!

Congratulations to Darren Bearden for winning Gold in the Individual Men's Barebow at the 2021 National Outdoor Collegiate Championship in Richmond VA and also winning Silver in the Mixed Team Competition last weekend, May 20-23, 2021.  We're so proud to have Darren represent CD Archery now and for the last three years!  Barebow community best remember this guys name!

Congratulations on all the tops shooters last weekend, Feb 21, 2021, at the ASA in Foley Alabama!  Here we have the top 3 in Barebow Recurve with our own Daniel Colloms in Second with his WF27XO and Jerid Mullis with his WF29XO in a close Fourth.  And we also have a great group in the Traditional Class with our own Jay Cottrill with his WF25X Lite in Second and Michael Davenport in Third with his WF19.  Yes, I said Third with his WF19!  We're thinking 2021 will be a very interesting year!

Congratulations to all the shooters at the ASA PRO/AM in Cullman AL, August 1, 2020, and especially our CD WF shooters!  In the Men's Barebow, congratulations to Jeremy Dorsett for taking First and Daniel Colloms for a close Second Place!  In Men's Trad, once again we have Sam Sandifer in First and Bobby Worthington, Second, and Dan Haire in Third. Also congratulations to Thomas Bear Geise for his First Place win in the HS Men's Trad division.  What another great weekend for our CD Archery shooters in so man podium positions!

Congratulations to all the kids shooting their CD risers at the 2020 3D HS in London Ky on July 24-25, 2020 weekend. From the left is Bear Geise, Morgan Hickerson, Daniel Colloms, and Hailey Smith.  Better watch these kids! AND from the posting from Jim Laird and Dan Haire comes this information:  "Little known fact: Bear won middle school Barebow National title last year National Shooter of the Year. Morgan is the barebow darling who is no stranger to national competition and has podium in both ASA and S3DA national events. Daniel won his first National Barebow S3DA title and repeated yesterday.  Hailey turned heads at the State TN shoot at Buffalo Ridge but the best was yet to come as she annexed the Outdoor 3D National title in Barebow middle school girls at Metropolis.  For these four CD barebow riser competitors, there are archery resumes that glow in the dark, individually and corporately!" (wish I could write like Jim does) And from Dan: "Bear has also been S3DA National Indoor champion, S3DA National Outdoor Target champion.  Last year he won the NFAA National Indoor championship."

Congratulations to all the shooters last weekend, July 12, 2019, at the S3D Nationals in Metropolis IL at the Trad Trifecta-National Champions with CD Archery Risers!!  Daniel Colloms HS boys 3D, Hailey Smith MS girls-3D, Claire Krepps MS girls Shooter of the Year!!  CD risers were everywhere last weekend and our shooters were on the top of their game!  Thanks to Coach Jim Laird for all his support & encouragement with these young shooters!

Congratulations to Daniel Colloms for his First Place win after 2 hard days of completion at the 3-D Nationals in Metropolis IL July 12, 2019!  Quite an accomplishment given he's just started shooting Trad Archery only 5 months ago!  Thanks to Coach Jim Laird and Harvest archery Family for all the encouragement to help support another young shooter! We are so happy to see what this young man is doing with his WF27XO with his natural talent! Another young man to watch!


Congratulations to our Collegiate Barebow shooter, Darren Bearden, at Emmanuel College for his outstanding shooting in several events and a growing career archer! Here are a couple pictures from this weekend at the Dublin Ohio National Outdoor shoot where he ended up with Silver in eliminations!  He also made the All American Team for the year and plans to compete in field tournaments next year. Be sure to watch for him as he's going to be a Barebow Star!   Congratulations Darren!

Results are in at the ASA Pro/Am in Paris Texas this weekend, April 28, 2019.  Congratulations to Spanky Brooks for taking 1st and Dan Haire for taking 2nd with their CD risers! Great shooting guys!

Congratulations to Glen Thomas for his exciting shooting at the 2019 Cincinnati NFAA USA Indoor Nationals! Was so exciting to watch him shoot for Gold/Silver with Brady Ellison in the USA Nationals and coming in Second.  Then another great shooting in the Limited Recurve Adult Male finishing Second also. CD Archery is so lucky to have this kid shooting our WF27XO and shooting it so well!  Congratulations Glen!

Congratulations to all our CD Archery shooters at the 2019 Cincinnati NFAA USA Indoor Nationals. Here are our winners! Trad Adult Male: 1st Bobby Martin, Trad Senior Male: 1st Dan Haire, Trad Senior Female: 3rd Kim Timberlake and 5th Nicole Clouser, Trad Silver Senior Male: 1st Tom Johnson and 4th Calvin Smock.  Congratulations to all our shooters!

After a great start with Glen Thomas's 2018 year with a win at Vegas, he has started his 2019 year with a bang! He finished Second at the 2019 Vegas Shoot and here he is with a very impressive finish at the 2019 Indoor Nationals in Lancaster PA with his WF27XO. Check out his scores and the perfect 300 round to end up with a total of 1182!  We can't wait to see how far this young man goes and we are thrilled to go along for the ride!  Be sure to congratulate him on his outstanding shooting!

Congratulations to Kim Timberlake on her First Place Win this weekend at the ASA Hoyt Pro AM Championship in Barebow Recurve in Foley Alabama! She proved she can shoot with the men with her WFX25!  She's been shooting real strong, so be sure to congratulate her when you see her!

Congratulations to all our CD Archery WF shooters attending the 2019 Vegas Shoot!  We were scattered all over in several classes ranging from several top 10 positions to a great Second place position for Glen Thomas in the Recurve Flights 1 Class.  Here's a variety of pictures.. say 'Hello' to Calvin Smock, Richard Barker, Spanky Brooks, Kyle Olson, Myke Santiago, Kelly Eagleton and our newest shooter, Grace Vasicek with her polished WF riser! What a beautiful riser! There were WF risers everywhere! The Vegas Shoot had the most Barebow shooters they ever had.  Mark your calendar for this event in 2020!

Here's some pictures from the 2019 Lancaster classic! There were 6 CD Archery shooters in the top 32 and even after pairing several together we still had 2 in the top 4 on the stage once again!  Congratulations to top shooters, Spanky Brooks for his 3rd place and Ben Rogers for his 4th place finishing after being paired together on the final 4 stage! We are so pleased with the quality of shooting that draws top shooters at this event from all over the world! Look for next year to be even bigger!  Congratulations to all our CD WF shooters!!

IBO Worlds are on the books!  Congratulations to all our CD Archery Shooters who made it thru strenuous shooting!  Congratulations to our two Mens' Shooter of the Years! Bill Whitman in Men's Trad and Bobby Worthington in Men's RU! Also congratulations to Bill Chouinard on his Third Place in Men's Trad for the IBO finish and also to Matt Zirnzak on his 4th place finish in RU!  That means a lot to those guys and watch for them to continue great shooting!  Also our women came thru!  Congratulations to Kim Timberlake on her strong finish!  It was a year of hard work, but Kim and all our girls finished strong.  The event results were Kim Timberlake First, Joella Bates Second, Nicole Clouser Third and Lisa Gilland Fifth.  Also finishing First in Youth Trad was Sydney Phipps!  Better watch her - she's only 14!!  What a great year for all those choosing to use their CD risers in these big Archery Competitions! What a year for CD Archery!  We would also like to acknowledge Mike Wilson leading in the Sr Trad Division but being unable to compete on Sunday due to a broken finger Saturday Night! I'm sure someone told him not to do that!

Pictures from 2017 Lancaster Classic