Introducing the all new WF29XO, Weight Forward 29” Extreme Olympic Barebow riser from CD Archery. Nicknamed the “Beast”. Featuring the same weight forward design as all the previous CD Archery risers with more weight forward than the WF27XO. The top and bottom are similar in weight to help with shot harmonics but we’ve added 4oz to the bottom of the riser for help with balance. The weight is at 5 lb, which will keep the riser stable in the hand without adding additional weight. We include a weight system kit for the bottom of the riser, if needed, for individual customization. We also changed the limb pocket angle and moved the pocket back slightly to add more deflex compared to our WF25X and WF27XO risers.  This riser will also aid the short draw people. You can use short or medium limbs and have the same string angle as any of the long draw shooters without losing performance; with awesome draw force curves. 


Similar to the WF27XO, it has the same clicker, sight, and stabilizer mounting holes with the built in arrow rest option (the hump). Also still using Jager grips and ILF limb pockets. The body has been redesigned with improvements to hole locations, profile curves, and lightening pockets while still maintaining the classic CD Archery look. 


Along with shooting videos of Sydney Phipps, and owners Dewayne Martin and Calvin Smock we are attaching the Tradlab testing results chart. It indicates; in the initial field testing at ETAR Denton Hill done by Cody Greenwood and Jeff Hale, that the limb weights are spot on with no loss in performance speed in the longer riser. TradLab will also follow up with more testing in the lab.  You can find their test results on Instagram and Facebook at #tradlab. 


With all these improvements, this is by far the most innovative and solid shooting barebow riser CD Archery has produced. 



Cody Greenwood and TheTradLab has done more testing!  TheCD Archery WF29XO with NSG.


Shorts versus NSG Longs:

Shorts: 8GPP 192 FPS

Long:    8GPP  190 FPS


"We now live in a world where short limbs are smooth."