Answers to Common Questions

CONGRATULATIONS!        You are a proud owner of a very innovative new concept of risers!


But if you are a brand new shooter or even if you are a professional, here are some answers to our most asked questions:

  1. Limb bolts - you can go out 6 turns from the bottom.
  2. Brace on 19's & 21's is 8 1/2 with longs, 7 1/2 - 8 with meds and less with shorts.  25's - 29's are all 9-9 1/2 with longs.
  3. Tiller - Even = Same on top as bottom.  1/4 Positive = 1/4 more on top than bottom.
  4. Nock - 3/4 high is a good place to start - remember these are all starting points.
  5. Risers with a hump come with a flat head side bolt and lock nut.
  6. The weight kit has a 3, 5, 7 and 11 oz. weights.
  7. The WF19 is drilled and tapped for any standard quiver.
  8. Rule of thumb, string length is 3" less then your AMO.      Example: 70" AMO is 67" string.
  9. Each riser comes with your choice of a High, Medium, or Low Jager 2.0 grip.
  10. The grip thread is 8/32 and the lateral limb adjustment screw is 10/24 and the limb bold set screws are 3/8 X 16, if you need to replace them.