Feel free to send us your hunting pictures for posting here! We love to post what you can do with one of our risers!

Congratulations to Jeff Finn from Colorado who took this Moose in Oct 2021 in British Columbia!  His set up is his WF19 Stalker CD bow paired with Uukha Irbis 40# long limbs, 64" overall.  Draw weight is 49.5 lbs shooting 620 grain Black Eagle Rampage 300's arrow.


The look is: "Did that just happen"???

Have you been there?

October 2021


Meet Patrick Howard with his first deer with his WF19 with Uukha Altari long 45 limbs!


Patrick has just started to shoot Traditional this year and we're so glad he came to us for his first Traditional riser!


Congratulations Patrick!




Here is Steven Scott and the First Trad Deer Kill with his WF19 in 2020!  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing Scott!






Check out this buck shot this morning, August 29, 2021, in East Tennessee on a three day velvet hunt with his new WF21!  That's a nice one for sure!






Congratulations to Chris Eszak! Here's what he's saying!


11/12/2020 "Calvin & Dewayne this is Chris Eszak.  3 years, 3 bucks with my CD WF 19! The hump amazes me with the turn I achieve shooting vanes.  


Thanks guys!"

Got these great pictures from Jesus Martinez from his latest shoot, August 2020.  Here's what he posted:  "Epic week of hunting with great friends!  Everything except the buffalo was hunted at @londonoaksranch.  All animals were taken with my CD Archery Stalker WF19 riser with Uukha Archery limbs.  Arrows were from Widowmaker Archery 350's with WildFletching Feathers @daysixgear components and @ironwilloutfitters 200 buff's."  Congratulations to our friend Jesus!

11/10/19  Congratulations to Mark Rose from Ohio on the very nice buck he shot yesterday with his WF19!  He thanked us for our great product and recommendation for Uukha limbs, which he is very happy with!  Sometime it just takes a few emails or a chat on the phone to see what works best for your needs.  Never hesitate to give us a call or send an email and we can recommend just what is right for you.  That is one nice buck!

10/11/19  Just got an email from Tim Cox. Be sure to congratulate him if you see him out there! Here is what he said:

Just got this riser (WF19) in the mail last Friday 

Went to my local club and shot it Saturday morning, it quickly became an extension of me.
Spent a few hours tinkering and tuning.
It felt so comfortable I knew it was my new hunting rig.
This is my first year hunting traditional and needed as much confidence as possible.
Took it hunting this afternoon to a public land state park and at 18 yards took my first traditional harvest.
Super excited, can’t wait to take to the woods again.

Caught this post on FaceBook from Jerid Mullis very happy with his recent hunt, then off to win in the Oklahoma 2019 Traditional Nationals in Men's Modern Trad!  Great hunt and great win all in two weeks with his WF19! Great shooting Jerid!

Hi Calvin, 
First off i want to just say how happy i am with the WF-19 i bought last year, It has performed flawlessly since i got it and I have put up some good scores in local 3D comps.
More importantly, I have done a fair bit of hunting over the last few months and the bow has been outstanding.
Once it started too cool off after summer i got out after some goats in the hills near home,  took a nice billy, I will send you some photos when i can get them off my mate.
The last few weeks the fallow deer over here have been rutting and ive been lucky enough to take 2, including my first good mature buck with any bow, recurve or compound, so I'm over the moon mate, thanks.

Just got a couple pictures from Jon Simoneau of a couple does he got this season. "To me, the WF19 riser gives me everything I want in a hunting riser and more.  I absolutely love it!"  

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and expressing your thoughts of your new riser! It's what we hear everyday.. so when we tell you 'You're going to love it'.. we mean it!  Thanks Jon!




Congratulations to Jason Wojciechowicz (Wojo) on the very nice buck he got with his WF19! Another happy guy!




New from Mark Barry in Illinois!



"Thanks for helping me achieve my first archery whitetail! Used the WF19 riser you sent me and had a perfect double lung shot.  I love this bow!

Thanks so much!"


You're very welcome Barry!

Latest doe taken Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018, by Dave Zirnsak.  Had to deal with rain & severe under cover to recover it in the morning. He's already planning for the next one!  Great picture Dave!

You may all know Matt Zirnsak of "The Push Archery"! He has brought in more deer than most with his WF19!  Maybe someday he'll give us a count, but I bet he's not been beat! Here are two already for 2018!

More exciting pictures from past seasons of Matt using his trusty WF19 Stalker!  Anyone beat this??

Sept 20, 2018. Just received this picture from Jeremy Collins from Utah with his recent hunt in Utah!  We love our WF19 hunting riser and so do serious hunters!  Thank you for the picture!