Feel free to send us your hunting pictures for posting here! We love to post what you can do with one of our risers!

Just got a couple pictures from Jon Simoneau of a couple does he got this season. "To me, the WF19 riser gives me everything I want in a hunting riser and more.  I absolutely love it!"  

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and expressing your thoughts of your new riser! It's what we hear everyday.. so when we tell you 'You're going to love it'.. we mean it!  Thanks Jon!




Congratulations to Jason Wojciechowicz (Wojo) on the very nice buck he got with his WF19! Another happy guy!




New from Mark Barry in Illinois!



"Thanks for helping me achieve my first archery whitetail! Used the WF19 riser you sent me and had a perfect double lung shot.  I love this bow!

Thanks so much!"


You're very welcome Barry!

Latest doe taken Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018, by Dave Zirnsak.  Had to deal with rain & severe under cover to recover it in the morning. He's already planning for the next one!  Great picture Dave!

You may all know Matt Zirnsak of "The Push Archery"! He has brought in more deer than most with his WF19!  Maybe someday he'll give us a count, but I bet he's not been beat! Here are two already for 2018!

More exciting pictures from past seasons of Matt using his trusty WF19 Stalker!  Anyone beat this??

Sept 20, 2018. Just received this picture from Jeremy Collins from Utah with his recent hunt in Utah!  We love our WF19 hunting riser and so do serious hunters!  Thank you for the picture!